Beach Bedding Is Top Of The Pops

Many of us love matching bed sets, there are thousands of bed sets to choose from and you can find a massive range of sheets, pillow shams and duvet covers in anyone of the department stores. Normally we purchase a bed set that matches our d├ęcor and today that presents no problem, there is bed linen to suit all homes and all budgets. Beach bedding has seen a rise in popularity, nautical comforters and natural shell patterned quilts look charming. Beach bedding is top of the pops.

Beach theme bedding is different, for many the seas represent peace and tranquillity. A quilt cover that has a pale sandy coloured background and soft blue shells printed on the cotton duvet cover is reminiscent of the sea and the sand. There are a range of flat cotton sheets that are printed with a nautical stripe to complete the look. Look deeply into the sea water and you will notice that is it made up from a wonderful range of greens and blues and many of these colours have been recreated on the beach theme bedding.

There are thousands of shades of blue, maybe one of the most stunning and alluring shades is turquoise. Turquoise bedding is exquisite, throws and comforters in this delightful hue look so stylish. Teenagers and adults alike love the colour, it can be funky as well as elegant. Paisley bed sets in this shade of blue look comforting and cosy. Aqua blue is a similar shade, put Aqua blue with silver or pale pink and the outcome is amazing. Aqua flocked cotton bed sets are another winner; flocked cotton wears well and launders exceptionally well.

Seashell bedding has long been popular, years ago we used to collect the shells to put on our window ledges and now we love them printed onto fabric to adorn our beds. At this moment there are some amazing 100% polyester bed sets that are fully reversible and machine washable. From natural shell queen sized quilt covers to plush comforter sets with matching shams and bed skirts it is all there online to browse. Polyester twill is another fabric that is renowned for wearing and washing well and there are some great seashell bedding sets in this fabric.

Pastel coloured bedding is not for everyone and there are some lively and colourful comforters and shams that are decorated with galleons in full sail, tropical fruit and tortoises. These sheets, duvet covers and shams would grace any contemporary home; they are fun and very unique. Sea themed bed sets are not the preserve of teens and adults, take note of the superb crib bed sets that are advertised online. A nautical nursery is bound to look good.

The sea and sands are viewed as romantic and that is why many bedding designers have used soft subtle colours that encapsulate the colour of the sand and the sound of the sea. Take time to admire the designer collection of one hundred per cent cotton surf set sheets, if you have any teenage surfers in your home then these would make a great gift. Whether you are looking for beach bedding, beach themed bedding, turquoise bedding or seashell bedding it is all in the stores for you to admire.

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